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My finished craft cabin…

Hi everyone.

So Ive finally moved into my new craft cabin, Im very pleased with the end result, all cladded inside, lots of plugs, lighting, carpet, TV, coffee machine, heater, bed for the dogs, ohhh so cosy. A huge thank you to our friend Mathew Thompson for all the Saturdays working on the inside and getting it looking fabulous and not forgetting my hubby who is very happy I have my own crafty place so he can have the TV on as loud as he wants now:)

I have to get a few more under the worktop storage so it looks a little neater but Im all spent out for now so it will have to wait.

Im hoping to do more videos in the new year so if you click the subscribe button it will keep you up to date. Its taking me a while to get to grips with doing  videos and the editing, so bare with me, lol.

Anyway, that me done for 2016  so I’ll  be wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. See you all soon… xxx


New you tube channel….

Hi everyone. Are you all ready for Christmas? I love the buzz to be honest, especially the boxing day sales lol. Anyway folks no card today but I have decided to create my own you tube channel. I have uploaded a little taster video of my new craft cabin to start off with, I will do a 2nd video very soon of the inside finished. My channel is Debbie Stevens Paperpastimes, Ill pop the link below.
See you soon…