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Bio: Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. I have been crafting for many years but card making is my passion, so I have decided to do this blog so I can share my creations with you, hope you enjoy.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    What brand is SB when you use it in your instructions? Is it short for Spellbinders?

  2. Lesia says:

    I am in love with all your cards and very inspired by them. I do sometimes try to mimic your technique, but well let’s just say I’ll keep trying. What size paper do you use to create your card base? Your cards are very unusual and I have struggled trying to figure out what paper size to start with. Can you help me?

  3. debbi4000 says:

    The square cards are 7.5″ finished

  4. Hanny says:

    Beautiful cards I have just seen on your blog.. wow.. was wondering if you can subscribe to your blog so I can see your future posts.. thank you 🙂 regards Hanny

  5. Christine says:

    Gorgeous designs, I have shared your blog on my Facebook Page.

  6. Pat says:

    Beautiful cards. I note you use the grand squares/labels a lot, could you tell me how you manage to get the very fine gold/coloured layers between the main white layers as this looks finer than the 1/4″ that the dies cut? Thank you.

  7. pamellia1162 says:

    Beautiful cards, just love them! Any chance you could do a tutorial on how you emboss your paper and still leave the embossed edge from the die?

  8. Chris says:

    Hi, I just found your blog through Pinterest and love the cards you’ve made. They are so elegant and stylish.

    I, too, would like to know how to emboss card and still leave the edges of the die cuts unembossed. I’ve been playing around with my Grand Calibur but just cannot find the correct sandwich.

  9. Frances Bernal says:

    All the cards are so beautiful!

  10. Cherry says:

    A friend gave me the link to your site, I think your cards are stunning.

    Can you tell me whether some of the bottom mats and layers are raised up on foam pads? I can see that many of the top layers are raised, but not sure about the grand squares.
    Thanks, Cherry

  11. Pati Heller says:

    I too am wondering if you have a tutorial to show how you do the embossing. I love all white cards and I find your cards so stunning. Won’t you please share your technique or tell us if there is a tutorial out there that you have used? Thanks!

  12. Rebecca Cruz says:

    Your cards are amazing. ……where can I buy the tattered princess shoe/heel my youngest daughter is getting married and that look is perfect for her princess wedding

  13. Carol Carke says:

    Hi Debbie I look at your blog every morning and I am greatly inspired by your lovely cards. Can you please tell me what thickness of card do you use as it looks as if your use 8 layers with the gold.

  14. Carol Carke says:

    Hi Debbie I mean’t to ask which corner punch do you use on the Shoe Cards and bride card – and where can you get them from

  15. Marlene says:


  16. Debbie your cards are so elegant Just wonderful Any chance of turorials

  17. Cindy says:

    I LOVE your cards, they are so beautifully designed. On your card ‘Baby Girl’ you stated the embossing folder you used was from NEC, I am new at card making and don’t know who the NEC refers to. Thanks Cindy

  18. Kay says:

    I too am a newbe but I do have some dies…You did a card “On Your Special Day” with a decorative oval that has cut-outs around it. Please tell me which die you used? That card is particularly beautiful. So glad I found you!

  19. Pat Larson says:

    Your cards are breathtaking in their beauty and your talent is truly wonderous. They cry “feel appeal.” Thank you sooo much for sharing.

  20. Lizzie, Titahi Bay, New Zealand says:

    Just found your blog, which led me further into your beautiful world of simply stunning creativity. I have recently retired and promised myself the time to indulge in my passion for cards and find your flair for design simply sensational. Thank you so much for sharing – it is such a pleasure to look forward to whatever you come up with next.

  21. Carol Burton says:

    Wonderful cards & flowers. Just wondered what card stock you use & what is the weight?

  22. Audre says:

    I am wondering if you could provide a website for Country Baskets. Their flowers are awesome! I’m new to your website and love your cards. Do you ever do any videos?

  23. Carol Leader says:

    Good morning. Love your cards!! Spellbinders puts a “border” around the outside of their dies, but you have a “border” on the inside. The square card today has one. How do you accomplish that? Thank you. Carol

  24. Maxine Austin says:

    I have only recently found your blog, and I have a need to tell you that your cards, in my opinion,are the best I have ever seen on the internet. They are my sort of cards. Elegant, well designed ,feminine, and inspirational. You dont know how much pleasure your emails bring me.Thankyou.Maxine

  25. Carol Leader says:

    I agree with you Maxine. Some of the finest cards I’ve ever seen !! Thank you for your inspirational, gorgeous cards Debbie. Carol

  26. Dianna Brown says:

    how does one go about subscribing to your blog. I love the cards

  27. Blayne Smith says:

    Your incredible creations were brought to my attention from a Friend. I can look at your cards all day long. They help me smile when I am having a rough day. Thank You for sharing all the Beautiful Creations that you do. I will strive to make my cards as Beautiful as Yours. Thank You!

  28. Martha Bailey says:

    Wow, Wow, Wow! I just discovered your blog through Pinterest and your cards are simply gorgeous. I will most definitely try your techniques. I just subscribed and look forward to seeing your future creations. Your floral arrangements on these cards are, gosh, what can I say … just stunning. Added to my favs.

  29. Norma Cervantes says:

    You are so talented, love your amazing work. Do you take orders? I will be having a quincianera (15 th birthday) would love the invitacions with your techniques.

  30. Kathr says:

    Just found your blog via FB, and wow what an amazing array of designs and inspiration, although trying to emulate any of them would cost me a small fortune…lol..Will definately be back often ….
    Hugz Kath in Scotland..

  31. Carol Man says:

    Visited your blog through Pinterest and like so many others before me I felt compelled to say how beautiful your cards are, you are very talented and inspiring. Will be visiting often!

    • sILV says:

      Hello, dear Debby,
      now I find this wonderful blog and I’m as excited as when I found A Scrapjourney the internet. Again, the best blog of all with the most amazing cards in white.
      I am very excited about the artwork and would like to ask you if I get your permission to make your cards in a very similar form.
      Kind regards
      Sorry, I did not learned English at school. That’s why I use the google-translator 🙂

      • Silvi says:

        Please delete. The post is in the wrong place. Thank you and greetings from Silvi

      • Dawn says:

        Hello Silva, you are allowed to copy what has been done but if you put it on a blog you MUST say who originally created it.
        Hugs, from a ‘Crafty’ Friend.

    • Silvi says:

      Hello, dear Debbi,
      now I find this wonderful blog and I’m as excited as when I found A Scrapjourney the internet. Again, the best blog of all with the most amazing cards in white.
      I am very excited about the artwork and would like to ask you if I get your permission to make your cards in a very similar form.
      Kind regards
      Sorry, I did not learned English at school. That’s why I use the google-translator 🙂

  32. Catherine Hostuttler says:

    OMG your cards are breath taking!!! Could you please tell me where I can purchase the dies and embossing folders you use to make them

  33. Marieta van Rooyen says:

    Hallo, Your cards are stunning!!! Absolutely beautiful.
    Where can I purchase the Sunrays embossing folder (craft concepts)

    Thank you

  34. Wendy Reynolds says:

    My what more can one say , I am over whelmed at your cards, I think reading comments there is not a lot I can say. That hasn’t been said just fab, fab fab, please do a video you are just so talented. Thank you very much regards Wendy

  35. Linda Partch says:

    Was sent your lovely website by your friend Marsha. She told me your cards were awesome and she is so right. I met Marsha through her lovely Pergamano cards and she was here this summer to teach Pergamano to our club. So understand your addiction to cardmaking! You have in your gallery such a high number of dies that I have never seen before. Sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom, I lost mine in 2006 and it’s the hard to be without her. I think of her daily and pray she knows
    how much she is missed. Hugs! Linda

  36. Silvi says:

    Hello, dear Dawn, that’s my motto.
    Thank you very much from Silvi.

  37. Jen says:

    Hi, Can you please help me with the embossing sequence, do you emboss the paper first and then cut and emboss with a die cut? When I do it this way I loose some of the embossing on the paper but if I die cut and emboss the die opening first then I really lose that when I emboss the paper. Just wondering if you can shed some light on this. Thank you sooo much. Jen

  38. Joyce says:

    Hello! Your cards are awesome! Please let us know if you plan to share your tecnhniques. Its okay if you dont then please let us know so that we can stop asking. We as crafters will love you either way because we appreciate
    you sharing your God given talents with us!

  39. ronnir says:

    why would you block me from your pintrest board i have been nothing but a loyal follower!

  40. Bernadette Morton-Sherwood says:

    Hi Debbie
    PLEASE could you tell me what mould you used for the baby on your trinket box? I adore ALL your items cards etc and will enjoy keeping up with your blog.
    Congratulations on a talent well used
    Best wishes
    Bernie( South of England)

  41. Judy Minish says:

    Do you have a mailing list? If so, please add me to it. Love your work.

  42. Laurie Snelson says:

    Your cards are exquisite!! Thank you for sharing pictures of them with us.

  43. Elsa Thoonen says:

    Hello Debbi, your cards are absolutely stunning. I would like to ask, do you make them as an opening card? so you can write inside them or not and do you make envelopes for them or boxes to put them in? Thank you, Elsa, in Australia.

    • debbi4000 says:

      Hi yes they are open cards, I use either envelopes of boxes.

      • Elsa Thoonen says:

        Hi Debbie,
        Thank you for answering my questions. I too love white on white cards and yours are the best I have seen. Thank you for showing your beautiful cards and allowing people like me to view them and giving inspiration to card makers. Have a Happy Christmas and all the best for the coming year. Elsa Thoonen

  44. Linda morganqq says:

    How do you make a shadow box Card? Please help…yours was lovely.linda

  45. How can i receive your blog by email?

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