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on 11/02/2016

Hi everyone, I have another card to share, but before I give the details, I would just like to say, I appreciate you leaving comments and I know you are all entitled to your opinion, however, there is a fine line between an opinion and hurtful/unnecessary comments. I do, as we all do sometimes find it difficult to come up with new ideas all the time and sometimes I admit Im not 100% happy with them but I post them anyway. so if you are not keen on my design just move on and go to someone else’s blog/page. Ok little speach over.
SO… now for todays card…
I was asked to do a Valentines day card, thought I would dig out my silhouette cameo machine which I cut the hearts with, although you could achieve this with heart dies. Also used Spellbinders labels 17, sentiment from my PC and then foiled. Paper is from site below called wedding garden, they have the most delish paper pads. Flowers from wild orchid crafts.



42 responses to “Valentines….

  1. julie says:

    Gorgeous card Debbie x

    • Pat Littlejohns says:

      Hi love. I love your cards, they are so inspirational to me, in fact I have even got flowers from Wild Orchid AND have tried foiling. I was always brought up that if you havent got anything positive to say, keep quiet. I can only think there is a green eyed monster lurking somewhere! Keep it up girl! Best wishes to you and KEEP ON GOING !

  2. June Smith says:

    Morning Debbie, Oh I do like this card and the papers are fantastic, WOC are the tops for beautiful embellishments, but what seals this card for me is the foiling, yes you know I am a real convert, I love it.

    Forget all those horrible people who make negative comments, we love you and want to see as much of your work as we can my friend.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  3. Nancyd says:

    Morning Debbie, a fabulous valentines card must give it a go I have the brother scanNcut must try the hearts on it and see if I have any paper as pretty as yours to use thanks for all the inspiration you give us and just ignore any unpleasant comments you will never please everyone but some people just are nasty so rise above them and ignore them.
    Nancyd xx

  4. Dawn Searle says:

    Wow! This is stunning Debbie and it could be adapted for a wedding or anniversary card, love it xxxx

  5. JJxx says:

    Very pretty card Debbie, as Dawn says it would make a wedding or anniversary card. JJxx

  6. Lynda Mellor aka Loopy Lynda says:

    Good morning Debbie, beautiful card I love it!!! I hope you can ignore these people that make nasty comments!!! Jealousy is an awful thing!!!
    Have a good one!!!
    Loopy Lynda xxx

  7. Debbie Smith says:

    Beautiful as always they cheer my day
    Thank You x

  8. Diane Knight says:

    Wow I have been trying to think of ideas for a. wedding card and this is beautiful. Hope I can get close to it, ( I doubt it but will try) thank you Debbie

  9. Elaine says:

    Hi Debbie
    First of all it saddens me to read you have had hurtful comments on your blog { what is it all about with these hurtful people ? have they nothing else better to do ? } as my Mum used to say ” if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all . These people would do well to do the same or go and make their own card somewhere. Sorry Debbie but these horrid people who think they are the best critics really annoy me, rant over .

    Todays card is beautiful as always , love the background paper and the foiled sentiment is lovely , gorgeous hearts and pearls so making a beautiful card .
    Thank you for the link i will be looking later.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  10. Angela kidd says:

    Hi Debbie,

    Love your valentines card its so pretty, keep up your great work.

    There are always people out there that make snide hurtful comments, ignore them, mostly its
    because of jealousy. If you don’t like something then its simple “Just keep your mouth shut”.

    Have a lovely week.
    Angela x

  11. margaret driscoll UK says:

    Hello Debbie
    Same as Debbie ‘If you don’t have nothing nice to say… then don’t say nothing at all’
    Its not difficult!
    Love todays card and like June I love foiling too!
    I have put the link in my Bookmarks to have a closer look at the papers!
    Take care Debbie
    Love Marg

  12. Ali Lilly says:

    This card is stunning Debbie, you have your devoted followers, we are the one’s that know crafting skills when we look at your cards. We all look forward to Monday and Thursday, Debbie day, You will always be my favourite and inspiration. Ali xx

  13. Cant believe that someone could leave hurtful comments…all of your cards are stunning. (i would like to see their creations !!!) dont take any notice Debbie and i always look forward to receiving an email to say that you have just posted a new creation. Keep up the good work you are an inspiration to us bloggers!
    Take care
    Jen xxx

  14. Lydia Jordan says:

    Morning Debbie,
    A gorgeous card, love it. Ignore the horrid comments, people like that are not worth the time of day.

  15. Angela Allen says:

    Hi Debbie
    I have followed your blog for quite a while now, and have never seen a card I don’t like. I love all the inspiration you give us, I agree with the other people above, ‘if you haven’t anything nice to say, keep it shut!’ Today’s card is gorgeous, the way you have done the heart cut outs, might try this with flower dies for a birthday card.
    Love Angela X

  16. Yorks butterfly says:

    Hi Debbie, like everyone else on here I am so sorry that people have been making hurtful comments on your cards, please please just ignore them. We all love your cards so just keep going as you are.
    Love the Valentine Card, think its beautiful and would really like to try foiling – sometime in the future hopefully.

  17. Rose in Chester says:

    Hi Debbie,
    ditto re inappropriate comments, just ignore the idiots. (I know, easier to say than do)
    Today’s card is very pretty and so clever to cut just a piece with the hearts, letting the background come through.
    Hugs, Rose

  18. Debbie your cards are so elegant and inspiring. Please don’t let peoples ignorance keep you from displaying your God given talent.

  19. Donna Sherman says:

    I agree with what everyone else is saying, Debbie!!! You have a God given gift and talent, and don’t let anyone take that away with a foul mouth, and that is what wrong comments are! I agree with Lydia – they are not worth the time of day! Your cards are GORGEOUS, including this one, and it is only jealously that would say otherwise!!! You ARE an inspiration to all of us – please don’t forget that!!! Hugs

  20. Beautiful card as always Debbie, I always look at your blog but haven’t posted before. So sorry you have had to endure negative comments, some people can be so mean. Look forward to your next beautie x

  21. Hi Debbie, fabulous Valentine card, just love the design of it, the tumbling hearts are a brilliant idea.
    Can I just say, there are some sad people in this world, your cards are amazing, so Debbie keep them coming, I love them.
    Regards Liz.

  22. Granny Greenhouse says:

    Good morning Debbie, I have quietly followed your beautiful creations since you started posting.. Occasionally I leave a comment because I am just stunned by your creativity. Be in no doubt you have unsurpassable talent. Occasionally you doubt yourself … don’t … I wish my best cards were half as good as the ones you bemoan. Today’s card is another beautiful creation, thank you for making my day

  23. Gen Chesky says:

    Debbie, the card is absolutely stunning! I look forward to when you post your creations. I am sorry that anyone would be critical and negative of your work. I would challenge them to come up with creations as beautiful as your work and then they will know how difficult it is!

  24. Ursula says:

    Never understand people who leave negative comments, if they do not like it, as you say, move on, but please do not be nasty, we all have different tastes. Debbie you are an inspiration to me so continue the good work, I love all your cards and quite often turn to them for ideas….This one again is fabulous, a beautiful card to give to a ‘wife’…..keep up the good work….lotsa love Ursula xx

  25. Carin Brahm says:

    Love, love, love this card Debbie!, i get such inspiration from your art work. You certainly have that God given talent. True artists would never disrespect another artists work, so please disregard those comments, snd keep those cards coming for your fans!

  26. sandart999 says:

    Hi, Debbie, Your creations are so beautiful. In reading your comment from your November post, it occurred to me that most of us (me included!) don’t make our work public to avoid negative judgment. People, like you, who make frequent posts are a comfort to people, like me, by demonstrating that the most important thing is to keep creating. How can we recognize and appreciate our really great work unless we have some that isn’t? It’s the work I struggle with that has given me an opportunity to learn, grow and remind me to be kind to myself. Blessings, Sandy Artman

    On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 10:16 PM, paperpastimes wrote:

    > debbi4000 posted: “Hi everyone, I have another card to share, but before I > give the details, I would just like to say, I appreciate you leaving > comments and I know you are all entitled to your opinion, however, there is > a fine line between an opinion and hurtful/unnecessary” >

  27. Steph cotterill says:

    Ohh WOW Debbie.
    Just read your previous comment ‘re comments that could hurt/offend, how can anyone think about adding a comment about your projects that are nothing but complimentary ? I’ve never seen work of your’s that deserves an offensive or hurtful comment, not since you’ve been involved with CE or your previous DT work with other companies. Yes we are our worst critics, but we are allowed to be and I’ve binned many a card, but all I can say is that everything you have posted you may have reservations about, but in my opinion I’d love just a tiny bit of your talent and vision so take no notice, put it down to jealousy love.
    Keep on with your stunning work and inspiration.
    Chin up.
    Steph xx

  28. craftytreen says:

    I look for your cards every day. They are so so lovely, they always make me smile. You are so gifted and it is so sweet of you to share them with you. I really love all the details and the colors and the tasteful elegance. I am slowly working up a stash of dies and stamps and embellishment so i can someday make a card as lovely as all of your cards.
    I am sorry to say, that i just don’t have enough time to make comments on everyone’s cards each time they make one that is spectacular. I’m so sorry about the negative comments you have received. You, of all people, should never get one. You put so much into each card. I fear that so many people are so hurt and angry and don’t have a clue how to escape from the trap they are in. I believe they try to escape by trying to bring down others that know what they love and love to create and do it and share what they create with others. You share so much with others and I am proud to be able to see every one of your lovely creations.
    Please know that so so many people are blessed with your work and don’t allow the negative comments to stop you in any way. I have found that when i find people that are so negative, I pray for them and it helps me feel better. God bless you, Debbie, and you just keep on sharing your lovely cards with us and who knows how many of your lovely cards are speaking to and helping to heal some of the unhappy people in the world.
    Hugs, treen

  29. Lin M. in Texas says:

    Your card is absolutely beautiful – I don’t have words to describe. I think romantic is what I’m going for. This is a little different style than your other cards with the cut out hearts. I really think the flow of the card is fantastic! Thank you for sharing and Happy Valentines day!

  30. Cindi Lane says:

    Really nice card !

  31. Trish Avey says:

    Debbie I am sorry to hear you are getting this hurt full comments, you do not deserve that as your cards are always beautiful.
    I think your Valentine’s day card is exceptional.
    Hugs trish Avery

  32. Trisha says:

    Hi Debbie,
    While I look forward to each of your posts, I don’t always leave a comment but today I just had to. I can not understand why anyone would leave a negative comment on your art. They are either crazy or just plain mean and dreadfully unhappy. Please do not take any form of negativity to heart. Not every card you create is my style but I still see them to be beautiful. Keep doing what you are doing, your fans love you.

  33. Pat Taylor says:

    Your card is stunning Debbie and I love it. How anyone can say hurtful things about the cards that you do is beyond me. They are just jealous because they don’t have the imagination and finesse that you put into each and everyone of the cards that you make. Ignore them they are not worth the time spent on replying to them.
    I’m hoping this comment is published as I’ve tried many a time to leave you one and for some reason it’s not been. I love all your cards and I’m keeping my fingers x’d that you see this. Take care xx

  34. Isabel Garland says:

    I am so glad I found this site, I find you totally inspirational and my friends all love the new cards I am making based on your style. I bought a mini Minc so the foiling adds that extra touch. Keep up the wonderful work I love it!

  35. Love, Peggie says:

    I’ve never seen a card you have made that I didn’t love. They are always beautiful.

  36. Tami says:

    A very beautiful card as all of your designs are. Thanks for sharing your work and ideas, I find them truly inspirational.

  37. Gilly R says:

    Hi Debbie!
    Another beautiful card – I really enjoy looking at your cards, and am always very impressed (and inspired) by your work! Can’t imagine why anyone would want to put hurtful comments!?!? OK everybody has different tastes – which is how it should be. Please don’t let it hurt you – there are SO many people here that really appreciate seeing your work! xxx

  38. Patricia says:

    I have looked in on your Blog many times, you make the most stunning cards.
    I stopped blogging for a while because someone was leaving comments aimed to hurt others looking in. There are some really sad people out there.
    Keep up all the marvellous work.
    Patricia x

  39. Gloria says:

    Gorgeous as ever, Debbie. You have not made a card that I did not fall in love with. What size do you make your cards? 8×8? Don’t pay attention to the negative people, they are just jealous.

  40. Nancy Hill says:

    Question if they are negative or have other mental health issues. I had worked with some certain mental health people and they don’t always mean what they say like some with autism or a few other disorders. The designers have unique cards and some style are more for others than everyone. Therefore, ignore that comment since your web is reaching thousands of people each day and there will always be one person on the planet that response in a negative way once in a while. Don’t let that one negative cloud the 999 good ones.

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