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You’re special to me…

on 05/10/2015

Hi everyone so its Creative expressions post today. Have you ever made a card and thought afterwards Im not too keen on it???, well Im having one of those card moments but I thought I would post it anyway.
Some of the items for this month include…
Sue Wilson striplet collection eternal rings
Sue Wilson finishing touches collection camellia complete petals
Bloom Beautiful Premier Collection 12 x 12 Paper Pad
Extra items used are…
Sue Wilson frames and tags collection, refined rectangular frame
ivory card
Creative expressions delightful sentiments



24 responses to “You’re special to me…

  1. June Smith says:

    Morning Debbie, don’t put yourself down because this is a beautiful card, as all of yours are, I so look forward to Mondays to seeing what you have come up with. I will definitely have to have a go at this with the striplets I have and see how it turns out.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  2. julie says:

    It’s brilliant Debbie x

  3. Muriel says:

    Lovely card with some of our old favourite dies too. The background paper is different to what we are used too now which is great, we have to break out every now and then. Would love to receive a card like this
    have a great week
    Muriel x

  4. Dawn Searle says:

    Morning Debbie, nothing at all to not like about this card, it is beautiful and you should be very proud of this one and all of your lovely cards. I always sit with my coffee waiting for you posts.
    Have a good week
    Hugs Dawn Searle xx

  5. JJ says:

    I know the feeling Debbie, l had the same problem with card I made yesterday [still not sure about it] However I must say I really like yours. I think we’re all guilty of being to critical of our own work. JJxx

  6. Liz Turnbull says:

    Hi Debbie, my first look at this card had me saying, this is beautiful! I love your design of cards and your use of dies is amazing, I always have that “why can’t I think to do that” moment, I’d be delighted with a card like this, keep em coming we love them!
    Regards Liz

  7. Scottydog says:

    I opened your email & my first thought was ‘oh that’s beautiful’! What’s not to like about it? Would love to receive a card like this. As JJ says we are very critical of our own work.

  8. margaret driscoll UK says:

    Hello Debbie
    Lovely to see card thats not Christmas !!!lol
    Nice to see the Rectangles….. I really like them too!
    The Striplets make this a lovely card!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  9. Elaine says:

    Hi Debbie
    Don’t be so hard on yourself,this is a beautiful card Debbie , i do like the striplets dies ,so versatile .
    Take Care lovely Lady.
    Elaine H X

  10. Lynda Mellor aka Loopy Lynda says:

    Good morning Debbie, what a beautiful card but I know what you mean,
    sometimes you just don’t think it’s not quite right : )
    Have a good one!!! Loopy Lynda xxx

  11. Lydia Jordan says:

    Morning Debbie,
    I know just what you mean, but as my daughter said to me one day Mum somebody will love it and she’s right, I LOVE your card, a great use of the striplet die. .

  12. Jan Shore says:

    Hello Debbie

    I don’t mind the card but I understand your feelings. I made a card recently that I really did not like and I threw it in the bin… three times… nonetheless I finished it and gave it to my recipient who is going to get a frame for it, she just loves it! Go figure!

    I do like the way you have folded the tag to resemble a book and the flowers are very pretty. The striplets are effective.

    Warmest regards from a very warm East Coast of Australia

    Jan from NSW

  13. lacemaker1 says:

    Morning Debbie
    I would love to win this card as it is beautiful – you are too critical dear – stunning
    Carol x

  14. Yorks butterfly says:

    Hi Debbie, I know what you mean, but I usually put the card away for a couple of days then come back to it and usually something strikes me which helps. However I think your card is lovely just as it is

  15. Pat Simmonds says:

    Hi Debbie. I’m not to sure why you don’t like this card. I think it’s lovely.

  16. Nancyd says:

    Hi Debbie, this is a gorgeous card I have this strip let so must give this one a try.
    Nancyd xx

  17. Melody says:

    Hi Debbie, I wish the cards I make an then think I not to keen on looked half as good as yours, it’s beautiful an the flowers look lovely to. Take Care Melody xXx

  18. karen burton says:

    Hi Debbie x It’s a beautiful piece of art x The colours are gorgeous and I love what you have done with the tag. It looks like a page of a book x I get the same as Melody too at times…..with yours I love the flowers, the paper and striplet and look what a gorgeous package you have created ! “Thank you Debbie” xx Love Karen xx

  19. Pat Batley says:

    Well, I wish my cards looked as good as this Debbie – I think it’s gorgeous. I love the colours that you’ve used. Pat x

  20. Karen's says:

    I love it! The design The colours Just love it

  21. Lin M. in Texas says:

    I often have that feeling about cards I make – but your card is beautiful! I like the patterned paper behind the eternal rings. The colors are perfect!

  22. Steph says:

    His Debbie.
    I feel like that with most of what I make lol. I do a little farmers market each month so have to make many different cards per occasion for choice purposes and my husband knows the I’m not keen face, but as he always says “you can’t always make cards you’d like to receive ”
    NOT that this gorgeous card is tacky in ANY way, but there are people that do like the cards we’d prefer to hide or recycle lol you know what I mean right ? I love this card but there is obviously something you’re not sure about (although I’m not sure what) I’m glad you decided to share it with us after all : )

    Have a great week and continue sharing those cards you’re not too keen on lol.
    Lancashire Steph x

  23. Rose in Chester says:

    Well Debbie, if you don’t want the card just you send it to me girl………………..
    It’s lovely. BUT I know what you mean, there are times when I feel just the same and then the recipients are over the moon and I think that it could have just been me being overcritical.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs, Rose

  24. Ursula Longworth says:

    So so beautiful Debbie….luv Ursula xx

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